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The important point is that knowledge from all the subdisciplines must be integrated in professional practice since problems in human movement are multifaceted, with many interrelated factors. For the most part, the human movement problems you face as a kinesiology professional will be like those “trick” questions professors ask on exams: they are complicated by many factors and tend to defy simple, dualistic (black/white) answers. While the application examples discussed in this text will emphasize biomechanical principles, readers should bear in mind that this biomechanical knowledge should be integrated with professional experience and the other subdisciplines of kinesiology. It is this interdisciplinary approach (Figure 1.1b) that is essential to finding the best interventions to help people more effectively and safely. Dotson (1980) suggests that true kinesiology professionals can integrate the many factors that interact to affect movement, while the layman typically looks at things one factor at time.

Unfortunately, this interdisciplinary approach to kinesiology instruction in higher education has been elusive (Harris, 1993). Let's look at some examples of human movement problems where it is particularly important to integrate biomechanical knowledge into the qualitative analysis.
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